A child on the Kindertransport


The Children

Little boy at station

Even though some of these children were babies, they all had to say a final goodbye to their parents, brothers and sisters and make the long train journey to England. The majority of them were never reunited with their families who were murdered in concentration camps. Some of the parents who did escape tell us of the harrowing experience of letting their children go

Babies in Basket

By using dramatisation we tell the true story of a laundry basket that was hurriedly put on one of the trains as it pulled out of Munich station. When the children in the railway carriage opened the strange basket they found inside 2 sleeping babies, who didn't have travel papers and like themselves didn't have parents

How did the children care for and feed these babies during the long journey? What happened at the Dutch border, did the Nazi's let them through or did they send the train full of children and the babies back to certain death in Nazi Germany?