A child on the Kindertransport



In 1933 when the Nazis came to power in Germany they gradually bought in their notorious anti Jewish laws, which prevented Jews from moving around freely. Their businesses were closed, their homes were taken away. Jewish doctors and teachers were not allowed to practise. Men were harassed and arrested, deported and put into concentration camps. Jewish children and students were bullied and beaten and finally banned from schools and universities

In 1938 a Polish Jew assassinated a German Embassy Official in Paris. This triggered off an orgy of smashing, looting and burning of Jewish homes and businesses. School, synogogues and religious artefacts were burnt. Thousands were arrested. The violence was called 'Kistallnacht', the night of broken glass. Aware of the imminent danger thousands of Jews who were able to fled Germany

After Kristallnacht the Central British Fund for German Jewry in Britain realised that lives had to be saved. Within four weeks they lobbied the British government, raised funds to get the children out of Germany and ran the first train. This rescue became known as the Kindertransport
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