A child on the Kindertransport


The Film Music

The Music that accompanies the film, “The Children Who Cheated The Nazis” are traditional German songs of that period dealing with leaving and loss

“Kommt ein Vogel Geflogen” A little bird comes flying and sits down at my feet with a little message in its beak, greetings from my mother

“Wenn ich ein Voglein war” A song about how the singer wishes they were a little bird and could, 'Fly to you', but as they aren't a bird they have to stay where they are

“Muss' I denn” a song about the singer having to leave their town and that, 'You, my treasure, have to remain behind'. This song was made famous by Elvis Presley with the title of “Wooden Heart”

Bea Green JP, a Kindertransport survivor sings “Wenn ich ein Voglein war” and “Muss' I denn”. “Kommt ein Vogel Geflogen” is sung by Tamara Schmidt, the granddaughter of a Kindertransport survivor