A child on the Kindertransport

The Children Who Cheated

The Nazis

The story of the Kindertransport

Broadcast by Channel 4 Television UK

‘Sue Read's film tells the story of the 10,000 children who came to Britain to escape the Holocaust in soft tones and gentle rythms, but somehow that heightens the horror’ — John Lyttle, The Daily Express, London
‘I was very taken by ‘The Children Who Cheated The Nazis’, and doubt if I can improve on the words of those who have taken part’
— Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian, London
‘I was very impressed with ‘The Children Who Cheated The Nazis’, both as a film and as an educational resource’ — German Jewish Institute at the University of Sussex, England
Kinder on train with labels

This is the moving story told by some of the 10,000 mostly Jewish children who were forced to flee from Nazi persecution and certain death shortly before war was declared. They came from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia


Their traumatic rescue and forced separation from their parents, became known as The Kindertransport. These were the largest number of children to escape from Nazi occupied territory

Station platform

Through interviews we discover what happened to the families of these fleeing children and how they themselves survived in their strange new world, where they couldn't speak the language and had no idea who was going to care for them

Kinder getting on train

Older children lived in hostels, others were lucky enough to have caring loving foster families whilst some tell of abuse, beatings and of being so hungry they ate the biscuits put down for the dog

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